LAVENDER FARMS – 6/2010 The soil of the hill country in central Texas resembles closely that of the lavender farms in France. I enjoyed a tour of the growing number of farms around here with my good friend Dennis. The lavender lemonade was the best!

BETHANY SPRINGS – 11/2009 It was a pleasure to share a few days with some wonderful people on retreat at Bethany Springs in Kentucky. A perfect place to dip into the works of Mary Oliver and Thomas Merton.

I came across this massive sycamore stump on a morning walk. A closer look revealed the tiny sprout on its surface…surprising evidence.  St. Christopher’s miraculous staff.

JAPAN – 6/2009 A few shots from our trip this summer to Japan noted for their quiet beauty. The first are just three of the numerous manhole covers found underfoot everywhere. Our friends informed me that each neighborhood has its own design.

One of my son’s favorites… I especially love the haunting, fluorescent emptiness and the color palette of this arcade.

A misty visit to this temple tucked in the forest near Mt. Fuji a magical experience.

The great bronze buddha of Kamakura.

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