BEJEWELED – Is it a rare antiquity or a pod from District 9?

WILDFLOWERS! – With all the rain, the wildflowers were spectacular in central Texas.

SUNDAY BONNETS  – This Spring, our bluebonnet patch has lots of pinkies in the mix.

EASTER EGGS – We decided to try a new approach to painting eggs for our Easter table this year. These are from the eggs that went into the quiche and are holding chocolate covered almonds. My son Jackson perfected the patina.

PRAYER BOWL – THis little bowl carved from fossilized stone* was given to me by my good friend, Evy. I have been holding it lately as I meditate. Its emptiness helping to open my heart as the form warms up in my hands. (*Ammonite, Turitella, and Orthocerus)

LENS – The close-up setting on my camera has opened a view into the divine details.

Found this creature recently expired on the morning of January 1st. I’ve always held a grudge against scorpions and thought it might be worth a closer look. Found an El Alacran lotteria card in my studio later that day and took note of the question mark tail. Perhaps looking closer and making peace with the questions before me is in store for 2010?

This hummingbird was lying on the sidewalk outside of a glass office building. I took it home and before my son and I gave it a proper burial, we looked more closing at its exquisite beauty. Such tiny feathers!

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