MOO CARDS – I am excited about my wee little calling cards from Here’s a couple of the designs.

ON MY WAY – We went to see the movie Sherlock Holmes yesterday. What a masterpiece of art direction! Somehow reminded me of this odd postcard I keep in my studio to remind not to get too comfortable.

VITA BELLA – A collage painting for my dear friends, Nayon and Lisa as they start a new life as husband and wife (and family with Sarah, Michael, Anthony and Adam!) Wishing the “beautiful life” to them all. That’s Amore!

SMALL DRESSES – Found in a ziplock bag at the antique mall. Love the fabric and all those hand stitches.

BLESSED – A number of years ago, while going through an abstract mono-printing phase, I discovered that there were magical little worlds within the images and went on a spree of cropping/chopping up the prints into tiny pieces. That might have been the precursor for my current fascination with looking closer at everything. Here’s a close-up of a recent sketchbook mandala.

HOPE – Last summer I attended a wonderful women’s retreat at Laity Lodge. This sketch was done during some quiet time between sessions. Seemed that her foot just lifted up.

MAYBELLINE – As I recently tried out a new camera with some portraits of sweet Mabelline (our 9-month-old blue lacey) something remarkable struck me…the resemblance of her to a small painting I did last year, before Mabelline was born. It is entitled “Abel” and has a brother piece entitled “Cain” depicting a Mandrill baboon. (I’ll try to get that one up too.)

At the time I painted these, we had no intention of getting a dog like the one here. We were quite content with our 110 lb. weimaraner, Fergus. Little did we know at the time that Fergus was destined to take gravely ill and leave us four months later and that the little shelter pup, Mabelline was in our future.

VASALISA – When my beautiful niece graduated from college, I decided to contribute to her celebration with this little homemade doll and a story about the myth of Vasalisa from Women Who Run With Wolves by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés.

The story is about the treasure of a woman’s intuition and this little spirit doll is meant to be a totem to remind my niece that she carries in the pocket of her heart all her good instincts and intuition, creative fire, wisdom and truth.

She is my first attempt at dollmaking and is small enough to hold in the palm of your hand.

THE GLEN – A couple of my pieces from the assemblage workshop at the Glen in Santa Fe 2008.

THRESHOLD MANDALA – This 3 foot wide mosaic set into our floor greets visitors at the front door. My first big tile mosaic project, it was inspired by one that I saw at the Crossings, a retreat center near Austin. My design is based upon the three elements of earth, water and sky and is meant to honor the place where we live near Lake Travis in the Texas hill country. Our builder used a circle of plywood to create an inset for it when the foundation was poured.

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