Howdy! I am a graphic designer; e-trekker: enthusiast of extraordinary objects; multimedia artist; painter and printmaker living in the hills just west of Austin, Texas in a small village called Volente. After years of enjoying the creative fleets of other artists and designers on the seas of blog, I’m casting sail in hopes of sharing some of what has caught my fancy as well as some of my own discoveries, expressions and experiments. Commentary welcome… Enjoy!

Joan Cunningham

If you’re wondering about the graphic on my banner, it is an old typewriter key. Words I’m living by right now.

2 Responses to “about me”

  1. dinnis said

    sure do like the floating shift

  2. Nancy Barr said

    The “Floating Shift” key brought waves of memories; yesteryear and old Underwood machines, portable Royals, changing ribbons, inky fingers from un-sticking crossed keys,and return bars that had to be left-manually smacked into action, and Jean Clift, my typing teacher who loved me unconditionally way back when. Truly it opened a flotilla of visual fancies to call deeply to my spirit. I like what the banner did to me. . . good choice!

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